It appears that the current track of Hurricane Irma will bring a category 2 hurricane up the center of the state.  Lake County could experience 100 mph winds and heavy rainfall (8-10 inches) Sunday through Monday.

Clermont Chain of Lakes

As of Friday morning, Sept 8th, Lake Minnehaha is at 96.81 ft. which is slightly more than 8 inches below the upper end of the regulatory range of 97.50.   The Cherry Lake Dam is opened all the way moving 469 cfs through the Dam.  Flow from Big and Little Creeks have remained fairly steady over the past week with Big Creek discharging at 29.2 cfs and Little Creek discharging at 34.0 cfs for a combined flow of 63.2 cfs.  At the current flow rate from the Cherry Lake Dam (nearly 8 times the flow coming in) we should be able to accommodate 8 inches of rain from Hurricane Irma without exceeding the regulatory range for the lake.

Harris Chain of Lakes,

As of Thursday, Sept 7th, Lake Apopka is at 66.16 ft., 0.32 ft. above the regulatory schedule and 0.34 ft., below the maximum desirable elevation of 66.40 ft.  The St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) is releasing water from Lake Apopka at 375 cfs (300 cfs through the NuRF – the off-line alum treatment facility on the Apopka Beauclair Canal) and 75 cfs through the Apopka Lock and Dam.

The SJRMWD is also making releases from the other lakes as well.  Lakes Beauclair, Dora, Eustis and Harris average 62.17 ft. which is 0.25 ft. above regulation schedule, 0.33 ft. below the maximum desirable for Lakes Eustis and Harris and 0.50 ft. below the maximum desirable for Lake Dora.  The SJRMWD is releasing 877 cfs through the Burrell structure that controls Lakes Beauclair, Dora, Eustis and Harris into Lake Griffin.  In addition, the Harris Bayou structure has been opened allowing 100 cfs to be discharged from Lake Harris directly to Lake Griffin.  Lake Griffin is at 57.67 ft. which is still 0.25 ft. below the regulatory schedule and the Moss Bluff structure has been opened and is flowing at 92 cfs.

Please make sure you are all prepared for the storm and its aftermath.

The Lake County Water Authority office will be closed on Monday, September 11th due to the proposed path of Hurricane Irma.

The Lake County Citizens Information Line at 352-253-9999 is now open 24 hours a day until further notice.