Lake County Water Authority
Custodian of Public Records




Christina Rider
352-324-6141 ext. 23
27351 SR 19
Tavares, Florida 32778-4251

Pursuant to the legislation recently passed during the 2017 session, this is a new requirement intended to protect the District against improper public records requests.
So long as the District complies with this posting, the requester is required to make written notice, identifying the public records request, to the District’s custodian at least 5 business days before filing a public records lawsuit.

Audio tapes and minutes of all the Lake County Water Authority Board Meetings are available to the public. For a copy of an audio recording or minutes of a LCWA Board Meeting, contact the recording secretary at (352) 324-6141 ext. 22.

If you desire a transcript of a LCWA Board Meeting, you should arrange in advance of the meeting with a private court reporter to have the meeting transcribed. Court reporting services are not available through the Lake County Water Authority.