Questions and Answers – Updated 2/1/16

1. The RFP form states that “this project is not subject to the Florida Sales Tax.” Are there any other taxes that would be applicable for this project such as local taxes? To the best of my knowledge no, the Water Authority has a state tax exemption form, but you may want to consult with an accountant to make sure.

2. Our current liability insurance does not cover the items below. We won’t be using any employees or company vehicles for this job. Will we still need insurance for these items and if so do you need it covered for our RFP form? True that your company may not need it, but your subcontractor will need it to be allowed on the preserve to do the work and the installation.
• Automobile Liability of $1M
• Employers Liability (WA Stop Gap) $1M
• Professional Liability $1M per claim, $2M aggregate

3. The RFP states that the forms need to be received in physical form. That is fine but I’m wondering if fax or email would also be acceptable? A fax or email version would be acceptable, but it has to be here before the deadline and it would be your responsibility to make sure the fax went through properly or we received the email version with all the information by calling 352-324-6141, ext. 0. Partial documents will not be acceptable and will be deemed not in compliance with the RFP submittal process or deadline.




Lake County Water Authority is soliciting request for proposals for the purchase and installation of two waterless turn-key restrooms at Sawgrass Island Preserve.  Interested parties may receive documents from the internet at www.RFP-2017-01, or by contacting LCWA at (352) 324-6141, Tavares, FL  32778