Open Preserves

LCWA Preserves and Hickory Point Park Update as of September 25, 2020

The Boat Ramps, Fishing Pier, Boardwalk, Restrooms, Playground and Picnic Grounds are now open at Hickory Point.  
The Pavilion will re-open on October 3rd, 2020 to all events.

All preserves have reopened to the public.  
This includes Hidden Waters, Flat Island Preserve, Sabal Bluff, Bourlay Historic Nature Preserve, Sawgrass Island Preserve, Crooked River Preserve, Scrub Point and Lake Norris.  
Restrooms at Crooked River, Bourlay Historic Nature Preserve and Flat Island Preserve are now open to the public. 
Camping permits and/or the  use of the Water Authority Canoes/Kayaks will be limited to one group per weekend at this time.  As always you are welcome to use your own canoes and kayaks on any day of the week.

In keeping with the Water Authority’s legislative mission for “controlling and conserving freshwater resources in Lake County,” and “preserving, protecting, and improving the fish and aquatic wildlife of the county,” the Citizens Advisory Committee on Conservation recommended in 1987 that LCWA acquire sites within Lake County needing protection.

Objectives of the Lake County Water Authority :

  • Conservation of our unique and irreplaceable natural resources by protecting the lands containing such biodiversity.
  • Utilization of these conservation lands for compatible public recreational activity.

Since 1989, the Water Authority has acquired over 6,300 acres for protection, either through purchase or donation. Of the 6,300 acres, approximately 71% is considered wetlands and the remaining 29% uplands support recreational opportunities.

Bourlay Historic Nature Park

Crooked River Preserve

Flat Island Preserve

Hidden Waters Preserve

Lake Norris Conservation Area

Sabal Bluff Preserve

Sawgrass Island Preserve

Map of Preserve Locations