Bid Announcements

RFQ  2021-06 LAKE DENHAM MUCK FARM RESTORATION The LCWA Board of Trustees is soliciting qualifications from firms to survey, design, permit, monitor and construct site restoration objectives. The LCWA intends to award a contract to a single respondent. RFQ Deadline is JULY 20, 2021, 4:00 pm. Interested parties may receive relevant documents from Onvia Demand Star, at, or by contacting the Lake County Water Authority at
(352) 324-6141, 27351 S.R. 19, Tavares, FL 32778-3119.

RFQ 2021-06 Attachment B-Phase II Lake Denham Muck Farm

RFQ 2021-06 Attachment C-Lake County Developmental Review 

RFB 2021-05-REPLACE STAINLESS STEEL SCREENING AT THE HICKORY POINT PAVILION  The LCWA Board of Trustees is soliciting proposals from qualified contractors to replace approximately 5400 square feet of 304 stainless steel screening on first and second floor and all entrance doors. In prefabricated 1x1 frames.  Enabling us to replace screens as needed. RFB Deadline is May 20, 2021, 4:00 pm.


Company Name Total Project Cost
 Simplex Inc $92,670.00
 Signature Construction Inc $175,000.00
 ESX Construction LLC $82,930.00
 Sunrise Entertainment  
 Special Effects LLC $72,985.00


RFB 2021-04 HIGH-PERFORMANCE COATING FOR A 200,000 GALLON BOLTED-STEEL ALUM SLUDGE STORAGE TANK The Lake County Water Authority is soliciting bids  for a Contractor capable of furnishing and installing high-performance protective coatings on the interior and exterior surfaces of a 200,000 gallon bolted-steel open-top tank used to store dredged alum floc from a surface water treatment facility located at 16100 CR 48, Mt. Dora, FL 3275 RFB Deadline is 4:00 p.m., Friday, April 23, 2021

RFB 2021-04 Contractor Q & A-1

RFB 2021-04 Contractor Q & A-2


RFB 2021-02 PALATLAKAHA RIVER VILLA CITY WATER  CONTROL STRUCTURES REPLACEMENT  The Lake County Water Authority is soliciting bids for the project entitled: "Palatlakaha River Villa City Water Control Structures Replacement” Bid No. 2021-02. The project is located in Lake County and is generally described as the demolition and replacement of the water control structure located at the Authority’s Villa City site.

RFB 2021-02 Addendum #1 Villa City Water Control Structure

Screenshot 2021-01-21 121204

Carr and Collier - Copy