Clermont Chain/Lake Minnehaha Updates

Clermont Chain Water Level

November 20, 2020
- Lake Minnehaha is at 97.20, which is within regulation but 0.10 feet above our target. Flow from Big and Little Creeks has remained relatively constant at 115 cfs entering the Clermont Chain. Cherry Lake and Villa City dams were closed slightly to reduce flow from 130 cfs to 90 cfs. This will prolong the flow of water through the Palatlakaha. Staff will monitor and adjust accordingly.

October 16, 2020  -  
Minnehaha has reached 97.09 water level a few days earlier than anticipated. Flow continues to enter from Big and Little Creeks, but has diminished significantly from earlier this week. Staff has closed the Cherry Lake and Villa City Dams. At the moment both sites are within the upper regulatory range headed into the dry season. Have a good weekend.

October 15, 2020  -  Staff reduced flow through the Cherry Lake structure today from 140 cfs to target a 90 cfs flow rate. This was due to low/no anticipated rainfall this week and Minnehaha approaching 97.10. This reduced flow will allow for longer, prolonged flow through the Palatlakaha with discharge from Villa City as well.

October 12, 2020 - Current water level in Lake Minnehaha is 97.20. Staff has opened the dams at Cherry Lake and Villa City and will adjust them accordingly with any additional rainfall events.

October 7, 2020 -  Staff reduced flow through the Cherry Lake structure to allow 100 cfs flow rate. This was due to lower than anticipated rainfall and Minnehaha approaching 97.10. Villa City was closed and water level is expected to increase within regulation with continued flow from Cherry Lake. Staff will continue to monitor and provide updates.

October 2, 2020 - With an estimate of 1.5 inches of rain this weekend staff increased flow through the Cherry Lake dam to approximately 230 cfs. The lower pool at Villa City is still low, but the structure was cracked opened to allow conveyance of a portion of the 230 cfs to pass through for the weekend. Estimates of rainfall over the next week are several inches. Staff plans to close the Villa City structure Monday morning. This will allow any additional rainfall and discharge from Cherry Lake next week to accumulate and bring water levels up in the waterbodies downstream from Cherry Lake. Staff will monitor throughout the weekend if additional changes are needed.

 July 17, 2020-  - Dam structures at Cherry Lake and Villa City have been closed since the beginning of March.  Water level in Lake Minnehaha is within regulation and currently 96.34 with rain anticipated for this weekend. 

 Lake Minneola
The LCWA is working with a local environmental company to perform a 12-month water quality study on Lake Minneola. The team will sample water in the lake, stormwater entering the lake, and groundwater seepage entering the lake in an effort to identify unwanted sources of nitrogen and phosphorus. Under the right environmental conditions, these nutrients can provide blue-green algae a food source for rapid population growth and the formation of “pond scum” that was seen in Lake Minneola at the beginning of 2020.