• – The Authority is currently seeking proposals for Safety Improvement services to support the Board of Trustees, the Executive Director and staff of the Authority. The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit responses that result in a contract with a qualified provider to review existing health and safety plans and procedures and the Florida League of Cities, Inc. Safety and Risk Improvement Assessment for the Lake County Water Authority primarily related to the Water Authority’s Nutrient Reduction Facility then prepare  plans and recommendations that will address any deficiency noted in the Florida League of Cities, Inc. Safety and Risk Improvement Assessment.  Responders should include, and elaborate on, any value-added services not specified in the RFP.  The Authority anticipates exploring any viable alternative for providing these services and may decide, after reviewing proposals submitted, not to enter into any agreement or to award any portion thereof.

RFP Documents 

All proposals must be delivered to the Authority at the address below no later than 4:30 P.M. ET on November 8, 2019.  Late proposals will be rejected.


The Lake County Water Authority is a public corporation of the State of Florida, which was created by the Florida Legislature in 1953 to conserve and protect freshwater resources and to provide recreational facilities and education through a more efficient use of resources, to better the aquatic ecosystem and environment in Lake County and improve the community as a whole.  The Lake County Water Authority is an independent special district operating under Chapter 2005-314 as amended by Chapter 2017-218, Laws of Florida.

The Authority operates under the governance of a seven-member Board of Trustees. The seven trustees are elected officials, elected county-wide and serve for terms of four years, which are staggered.  Administration of the Authority is vested in the Executive Director.  The Authority is generally exempt from Federal Excise Taxes and all State of Florida sales and use taxes. Do not include any tax on any item or service. The Authority will sign an exemption certificate if submitted by the contractor. Contractors doing business with the Authority are not exempt from paying sales tax to their suppliers for materials to fulfill contractual obligations with the Authority, nor shall any contractor be authorized to use any of the Authority’s Tax Exemptions in securing such materials